Monday, March 1, 2010

Call for Help

Hey Everyone, I really need your help. I have only 4 weeks to get $2500 in sales in order to make President's club this year. If i don't make Presidents club then I will not be able to offer my customers the many discounts and free gifts and raffles I have been offering, nor will I be able to guarantee my fundraisers 40% earnings for their organizations. Fundraisers are my biggest part of my AVON and the biggest reason I am still doing AVON. Please if you can place orders and pass this around to all your friends and ask them to place orders, I would really appreciate it. If you put in the code Winter5 you can get free shipping on orders of $5 or more. Plus, I am raising the amount that I am donating to Autism Speaks to 20%. This is my TOTAL profit for online orders. Or you can click on my online events tab and have your order support the O'Connell Elementary school in Bristol. And don't forget you get an entry into the raffle for a Sharper Image digital camera for every skincare product you order. Even online orders apply for this raffle.

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