Saturday, February 13, 2010

First day of 9 days of school vacation....

Okay, if you are a parent you will definitely sympathize with this blog. For the next 9 days the kids are off from school. Ugh... And as most of our vacations go, this one started off with a bang. Or should I say scream! Only this time it wasn't the kids that were screaming it was me. Yup. I woke up hearing the boys talking downstairs and carefully turned my head to look at the clock (I say carefully because I am usually very sore in the mornings and stiff). The clock read 7:03. OMG!!! 7:03, Justin missed his bus, S$%T!!!!

Yup, that's how my morning started. I jumped out of bed so fast and made it halfway to the closet, tripping over my pillow and slippers before I realized, its SATURDAY!!!!
I just love vacations. The unstructured, chaotic, days. The LOOOONNNNGGGG Days! The, mom, I'm bored, days. Try as I might, I can never seem to find enough things to schedule or plan that will occupy both a 10 year old AND a 15 year old for every minute of every day.

Well, there's Percy Jackson this week. That's one day for a couple of hours. Today we had Karate and now Justin is snowboarding so that's another day. Tomorrow the boys go with their dad, and knowing him, that's a few hours. Then, I THINK, that they are going to be spending next Saturday night with their dad, but that could mean afternoon Saturday until morning Sunday so I don't know if that really counts as two more days down or not. SO, that still leaves 4 more days to plan.

And hopefully I will remember and NOT set my alarm clock for 5:30.

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