Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Haircut, New outlook

So today I got my hair cut. No new style or anything, just a retouch on my color and a trim, so why should I walk out of there in such a different frame of mind than when I walked in?

This morning was just like any other morning. I woke up, and got the boys up and dressed and ready for school. I ran around like a chicken with my head chopped off trying to get them and myself ready to go and by the time I was ready to get in the car I was already ready to turn around and get back under the covers and go to bed.

I didn't bother doing anything with my hair. Why bother? It was just going to get washed, colored and cut anyway? So when I looked in the mirror as I was walking out the door I saw the same boring, drab me which pretty much describes my life and the way I have been feeling about it lately.

I am so ready for a little non-kid, non-autism, non-stress related excitement in my life. Just something, ANYTHING, to make me feel special again. To make me feel like a beautiful, happy, woman again.

So when I walked into the salon this morning I wasn't really expecting much. And then Wayne worked his magic, again. Wayne, my hair savior and mood rescuer. Last night, I had posted a message on Facebook that I really needed someone to spoil and pamper me for just one night, and Wayne came to the rescue. His fingers and his hands are like magic and as usual he transformed my drab, gray, lifeless hair into a work of art. Okay, maybe I wont go that far, but I definitely walked out of there much lighter and happier than when I walked in.

Just having my hair washed, those fingers massaging the shampoo into my scalp, was enough to melt away the tension and the stress that seems to have been suffocating me lately. Come on, you know exactly what I mean. How many of us wish that we could take our hair stylists home with us just to shampoo us every morning? And then there was the styling. Something that I will never, in a million years, be able to duplicate myself no matter how easy he makes it look or tells me it is. Just looking in the mirror at my temporary transformation was enough to put a smile on my face. It made all the little insignificant problems that seemed so HUGE this morning, just disappear.

How is it that a simple haircut can do that? I don't know about you, but I think I need to schedule those haircuts just a little bit more. Anyone feeling down and stressed out should take my word for it. Go get a real full blown haircut. Not one of those, wet you down with a spray bottle, haircuts, but one of those full service, massage the heck out of your scalp wash and haircuts. Even if the change is temporary, it will give you just enough energy and motivation to get through the next day, and in our hectic lives, even one day is a treasure worth holding on to.

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  1. I need to get my hair cut so bad. I think it will have to wait until May, or maybe April so it's closer to my cousin's wedding though. What I would give to go now though :).