Thursday, February 4, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Babes Part 2 (for my mom)

Okay, so yesterday I posted a story that Justin wrote for his Grandpa when he was 10 years old. This year, also at 10 years old, Tyler wrote a story about his Grandma that I would like to share with you. This story had us both in stitches. Please note that BOTH of my children talk about how wonderful their grandparent's cooking is. Do you think they are trying to tell me something???

Here it is exactly as written. Love you, Mom!:

Everyone knows all your parents are responsible for your birth, but grandmas are the best. They cook most of your delicious holiday dinners, visit everyone else's birthdays, and even make sure to stay fit! But, my grandmother does this and more, read to find exactly what makes her so special.

Have you ever heard of a better "Grandma's house" than this? My Grandma's house is the best, and I'm sure of it. Just like my street, Grandma has a big cul-de-sac. A cul-de-sac is the end of a street, if your street has an end to it. Not only are cul-de-sacs a great place to turn around, but they are also a perfect place to ride your bike. I love to ride my bike around Grandma's cul-de-sac when it's a nice day out. After riding my bike outside for awhile, its time to head inside to have fun playing baseball in the fields, or even pick up a tennis racket and start playing best out of 5. The Wii Fit is another great solution for exercise. All you have to do to have some fun is turn on the Wii, make your mii (character), or choose to be a guest and pick one, then you choose your favorite game. I remember a time when I was sitting on the floor and cuddling next to one of my Grandma's cats. I heard the cat purring loudly as I stroked her soft back. It was fun watching the cat paw at my hand when I rubbed her stomach. I can only do this at Grandma's house. Once again, my Grandma's house is the best!

On Thanksgiving we traveled to my Grandma's house. When we got to Grandmas the food wasn't ready yet so we played games. Although, before we knew it the food was ready. My Grandma's turkey is already sliced and ready to eat. I like the white meat, even though it's not great. Just stick a little homemade gravy on it, and it's ready to eat. On the table I spotted my Grandma's favorite red jello whipped cream cake filled with fruit. I remember when I ate my Grandma's cake. It had jello, whipped cream, and it was filled with delicious fruit. I loved it and wished I could have more. And to end our delicious Thanksgiving feast, my Grandma served a delicious cinnamon apple pie with a lattice top crust.

Spending holidays with Grandma is the most wonderful activity ever! When it's some one's birthday, Grandma always comes to watch us open presents and play fun games. I love getting a hug from my favorite family member. On fourth of July we go to Grandma's house and light sparklers and fireworks. We stand on the long, single, blacktop driveway with our sparklers waiting for the time to come. Suddenly it's time! We put the sparklers away and get ready for the highlight of the night - the fireworks show. My brother and cousin went to the garage to get fireworks. After placing the fireworks neatly in the cul-de-sac, they light them up. We all wait silently as the fire gets to the bottom. Without warning - SCREECH- the whole fuse is burnt and the neon sparks fly off to the distance. Meanwhile, from another firework, sparks like flares shoot out at us as we try to dodge the cylinder dragons. I laugh every time my brother or cousin gets hit by the fire breaths, and Grandma laughs too! I don't think I'll ever forget my 2009 Thanksgiving. It was dinner time and I was starving. Grandma called me downstairs for dinner. When I walked into the dining room I saw tons of delicious foods. Mom told me that three of the foods had nuts. So they moved the three foods as far away from me as possible. It was a very funny moment, though I longed to try the cashew bread. (Remember I am allergic to nuts). Spending the holidays with Grandma is truly a fun time!

This proves that Grandmas are the best and I'm sure mine is in the top three! With her fun house, fantastic food, and spectacular holiday celebrations I'm sure you'd think so too. I'm sure my Grandma would be happy to take visitors.

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