Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Update on the past week

Well once again time has gotten away from me and I haven't been able to post on my blog. With the kids home from school for winter vacation it was hectic and crazy and now I am home with a sick child/teen. Where does the time go?

In the past week I have accomplished alot. Justin went snowboarding almost all week with my dad and his cousin (THANK YOU DAD!!!) and had an awesome time and so I got to spend some quality alone time with Tyler. He and I went shopping, watched movies at home and even went to the movies together to see "Tooth Fairy" (his suggestion). Its amazing how much differently you view your children when you have them away from their siblings for awhile.

I also had Tyler to the doctors last week and found out he had a double ear infection and not once did he complain of being in pain, much to the doctors amazement. I took him in only because I noticed he had a hard time hearing (which isn't unusual for him) and was very surprised to find out his ears were so bad that they couldn't even see his eardrums (poor baby). We go back today for a followup. Hopefully things are better.

Then this past weekend my mom and I painted and wallpapered Tyler's room. I will post some pictures soon. It came out awesome (THANK YOU MOM!!!!). Then on Sunday I spend a few hours with my mom working at the Bristol Home show at the Autism Speaks Table. Boy did we meet some interesting folks there. I just love helping out when I can.

Yesterday I watched my nephew Alex and then went to watch Tyler play basketball for Hoops for Heart. He raised about $100 and even though he didn't really know how to play basketball he tried his best and I was so proud of him.

For the past two days I have been trying to find ways to improve my Avon business. I have started recruiting people and love it. I just love watching their faces when I tell them everything Avon has to offer them. I really hope that I can build my business up enough to be self sufficient. Wouldnt that be a real boost to my self-esteem. I am making it my goal right now. To work on myself after spending so many years completely ignoring myself and taking care of everyone else. Hopefully I can do this and still manage to get one kid ready for College and another ready for middle school (ugh, the worst years ever!!)

Well, come visit me on Facebook and join my Avon fan page. Its under Phyllis Parmelee - Avon Independent Sales Rep.

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